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"a trio that plays a strong blend of Cadillac swing, full of long lines and swirling licks that give pleasure without pain. "

Karl Stark,
Philadelphia Inquirer

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The David Leonhardt Jazz Group is a critically acclaimed acoustic ensemble that plays a blend of mainstream and modern jazz. The group riles on creative improvisation, playing both jazz standards and originals for an exciting and entertaining evening of music. In performance as a trio or quintet with vocals and saxophone they bring a high level of musicianship to each performance. The response the group has recieved from their concerts has been overwhelming.

Nancy Reed - vocals

A daughter of a jazz pianist and an opera singer, Nancy grew up in Brooklyn amidst the musically rich culture of New York City. She has sung professionally for over twenty years, honing her skills in the clubs of New York and on tour in Europe and the Far East. She has performed and recorded with such jazz greats as Phil Woods, Slide Hampton, David "Fathead" Newman, and Bob Dorough and has toured Japan, The United States and Mexico. A favorite of other vocalists as well, Nancy has sung back-up on numerous CDs, movie sound tracks, and commercial jingles and can be heard on the duo recording "A Time For Love" with David Leonhardt.

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