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Frank Rubolino,

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  Bach To The Blues
The David Leonhardt Trio

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In a creative improvisational approach to classical themes The David Leonhardt Jazz Group interprets the Great Composers like you’ve never heard them before. From Beethoven to Aaron Copeland, Bach to Chopin, and Shubert to Erik Satie this fantastic group of jazz improvisers takes the audience on a melodic and rhythmic exploration of these timeless musical themes. Critics and audiences alike are raving about “Bach To The Blues”.
1. Prelude in G Major (Bach) 6:32
2. Claire De Lune (Debussy) 5:39
3. Ave Maria (Schubert) 4:18
4. Gymnopedie No. 1 (Erik Satie) 6:44
5. Prelude in A minor (Bach) 4:29
6. Adagio from Pathetique (Beethoven) 6:14
7. Simple Gifts (Copeland- Traditional) 5:01
8. Mazurka in G minor (Chopin) 7:07
9. Prelude in Bb (Bach) 5:34
10. Mazurka in C Major (Chopin) 5:10
11. Canon in D (Pachelbel) 6:04

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