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"“The David Leonhardt Jazz Group has been gaining notoriety in New York for the pianist’s swift hands and the way he draws the music out of the instrument”"

Stephanie Trottier,

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  Jazz For Kids
The David Leonhardt Jazz Group

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An fun and exciting collection of songs for kids of all ages that will inspire a lifetime of love for kids of all ages! German Jazz Podium magazine says "Not just for kids!"
1. Are You Sleeping?
2. When You Wish Upon A Star
3. This Old Man
4. Never Never Land
5. Flintstones [MP3]
6. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
7. Route 66
8. Someday My Prince Will Come
9. Hip Kids Blues
10. I'm An Old Cow Hand
11. My Favorite Things
12. Blues Shuffle [MP3]
13. If You're Happy And You Know It
David Leonhardt-piano
Nacy Reed-vocals
Larry McKenna-Saxophone
Tony Marino-bass
Taro Okamoto-drums


Jazz For Kids (read)
Jazz Podium Germany [Apr 24, 2003]
"Jazz For Kids is well done. Not just for kids!"
Jazz For Kids (read)
Karl Stark, The Philadelphia Inquirer [Apr 24, 2003]
"Many parents would love to find a way to interest their children in jazz."
Jazz For Kids (read)
Frank Rubolino, Cadence [Apr 24, 2003]
"...upbeat, straight-ahead style!"

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