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"“What Leonhardt brings to the offering is his formidable talents as arranger, improviser, and band leader. Leonhardt truly has given these well traversed tunes a new sound. "

Geannine Reid,

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  Vol #7 Jammin' Out
David Leonhardt Trio

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The Tap Dance series. More songs you love to hear. More feels you want to dance to. More tempos that inspire. Swing, latin, jazz. fast and slow. Get this one!
1. Summerwind
2. Let's Do It
3. Poincianna
5. Tenderly
6. St. Thomas
7. Jammin' In 7
8. The Nearness Of You
9. Sunrise
10. Laura
11. A Minor Blues
12. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home to
13. Billie's Bounce
David Leonhardt-Piano
Matthew Parrish-Bass
Taro Okamoto-Drums

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