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"He fashions each interpretation so that it stands out as an improvised work that the group can explore thoroughly."

Jim Santella,
All About Jazz

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  Peace Jazz For Yoga Vol. 1
The David Leonhardt Trio

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Playing Original compositions by pianist David Leonhardt from their three CD series “Jazz For Yoga. Music perfect for yoga/movement/breathing/meditation played by a jazz trio of piano, bass, and drums with vibrant musical landscapes, transporting rhythmic journeys, and compelling melodic adventures that will uplift and energize your soul. Made for an interactive presentation of “Jazz For Yoga” by The David Leonhardt Jazz Trio performing improvised music while the audience/participants are lead through yoga/movement/breathing followed by a concert set with optional yoga/movement by the audience/participants.
1. Peace
2. Inspiration Calls To Me
3. The Mysterious Vibration Of Kindred Tones
4. The Fun Of Playing (Together)
5. The Beauty Of Our Divine Breath
6. Bind Our Selves To Joy
7. Surrender is Fulfillment
8. Faithful To The Moment

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